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Unlock a new revenue stream by generating leads for your clients.

Xseller8 helps you deliver what your clients want – customers

You're missing out on your clients' lead generation budget. Our lead generation platform helps you tap into it. Help your clients and win 2023.

Easy to learn, cloud-based, no code tool

No need to run shady Chrome extensions or to hire a developer. Get started with LinkedIn lead generation for your clients in minutes.

LinkedIn compliant so your clients are safe

Xseller8 works within LinkedIn's guidelines, so you can focus on your clients' campaigns without worrying about getting them banned.

Built by lead generation experts

Xseller8 started as an internal tool, and is the result of years of experience, testing, and fine-tuning, that we now make available to other agencies.

What Xseller8 users say

We built Xseller8 with one goal only: to help agencies deliver high quality leads to enterprise clients, all via LinkedIn.

Xseller8 has delivered​ thousands of high quality leads ​for:

Automate your clients' LinkedIn lead generation

Help your clients' teams leverage LinkedIn and build a lifelong network – at scale.

Automate profile visits, connection requests, direct messages, and more.
Focus on coaching your clients on strategy, targeting, or messaging.
Save your clients time and enable them to focus on closing deals.

Manage multiple campaigns for multiple clients

Xseller8 allows agencies to manage multiple LinkedIn campaigns for multiple clients in one place – so you can easily track and compare the performance of different campaigns.

High quality leads and zero "embarassing moments"

Full LinkedIn data

Leverage all variables: location, job title, industry, and more.

Quality control

Edit lead details before the campaign starts – no "Dear emoji".

Reply detection

If a lead replies to your clients' message, the campaign stops for them.

Right job and firm

Some leads have multiple jobs – choose the right one for the campaign.

Built by lead generation experts

Xseller8 started as an internal tool for our sales-as-a-service agency, so it's built with agency needs in mind. We're always here to share from our experience.


"So many enterprises know they need to be on LinkedIn, bought Sales Navigator, but have no idea how to go about it".

"The aha moment came when we realised that what our agency's clients really were saying was: give us more leads"

Frequently asked questions

What is Xseller8 and why is it great for agencies?

Xseller8 is a LinkedIn automation tool built from the ground up for agencies – originally it was an internal tool for Xsell, our own sales managed service agency. So it offers many agency-friendly features that other tools simply don't, like the ability to manage multiple clients and campaigns, deep analytics for testing and optimisation, and excellent security.

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How does Xseller8 differ from other LinkedIn tools?

Most other LinkedIn automation tools either scrape data or try to get around LinkedIn's rules and terms. Many are also built for solopreneurs or individual users, and might require you to keep your browser open. Xseller8 does it all in the cloud (no need to keep your Chrome open), is compliant with LinkedIn's rules (you can't spam), and offers agency-friendly features that other tools don't have.

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What do I need to do to be able to use Xseller8?

The only thing you need to do is install an app that connects your client's LinkedIn account with Xseller8 in order to import leads. Currently this tool only work on Windows but we're bringing it to MacOS soon. Other than this, Xseller8 runs entirely in the cloud, so you don't need to keep your browser or laptop running. Just use it as you would any other web app.

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What do my clients need to do?

The only thing they need to do is have a LinkedIn account. It also helps if they subscribe to LinkedIn Sales Navigator – but Xseller8 works with regular, free LinkedIn plans, as well as external list of leads. They can of course build their own lead lists and connect them to Xseller8, but it's probably easiest for them to enable you to do that for them, as a completely managed lead generation service.

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Are my clients' LinkedIn accounts safe?

100%. First, Xseller8 does not allow sending connection requests and messages above LinkedIn's fair use rules, which we monitor constantly. Second, Xseller8 runs in the cloud, and it does not involve Chrome extensions (like other tools use) that can change or read sensitive web page data. We've had zero LinkedIn bans – and we plan to keep it this way.

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